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Your goal – match more adoptable pets to prospective homes. With PetMatchPro you will…

  • Eliminate the provider logo and clunky scroll bars,
  • Help your website visitors find their perfect pet using filter and sort criteria, and…
  • Adopt more pets by linking your adoptions to your marketing efforts!
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Your Problem

It’s Personal

The iframe solution provided by PetPoint and similar programs is external to your website! This means that you can’t apply your brand to the visitor’s experience. You can’t track how they interact with your website (info you need to make improvements). And when they zero in on just the right animal, they’re subjected to viewing ads for your data provider’s products and services – while settling for a less than optimal experience on a mobile device.

You’re also required to bow to their decisions regarding what they offer and how it’s presented. In other words, you’re teaching YOUR website visitors how to find a new pet on the DATA PROVIDER’S website – NOT YOURS!!

Our Solution

It’s Also Personal

We’re animal lovers with a passion to serve.

We’ve been there on cold, damp nights trying to trap one more feral cat – have worked countless adoption events – made 1,000’s of posts on social media – struggled with the iframe solution provided by PetPoint (and others) – and then, we’ve embarked on the painful journey to get the data directly from the database.

We understand, from our own personal experience, the difficulty in getting animals with special needs adopted. BUT we’ve discovered there’s a permanent, forever home for virtually every one of them – provided that website visitors can find them! That’s why we created PetMatchPro, to get every companion animal the visibility they need to find a permanent, forever home.

Plugin Description

What Is PetMatchPro?

PetMatchPro is a WordPress plugin that displays, on your website, the animals from the data management system you use to run your shelter or rescue. It provides your website visitors with an integrated experience in viewing, selecting, and ultimately adopting one of your animals.

But it doesn’t stop there!

At the same time, it collects and shares the data you need to improve your ability to find forever homes for more animals.

What It Is

  • PetMatchPro is a comprehensive visibility, tracking and reporting solution for your shelter or rescue website.
  • PetMatchPro is a simple-to-use solution to brand the animal search and display on your website.
  • PetMatchPro is an affordable solution with a low monthly investment (for the Junior and Preferred Plans).
  • PetMatchPro is an evolving offering that will add new functions and features that you require (current integration with Petpoint & RescueGroups).
  • PetMatchPro is something you can try for free by registering for the Basic Plan.

What It's Not

  • PetMatchPro is NOT a solution that works on your GoDaddy, Wix, SquareSpace or other builder website. PetMatchPro is a plugin for a WordPress website.
  • PetMatchPro is NOT an artificial intelligence solution providing recommended changes to your website content or flow.
  • PetMatchPro can NOT guarantee an increase in adoptions from your website. Use of the plugin and the data it provides will improve your visitor’s experience and provide data to improve that experience.

Plugin Features

PetMatchPro Features

Integration Partners

PetMatchPro is a WordPress plugin that integrates with the PetPoint and RescueGroups data management systems.

Fully Customizable

Showcase adoptable pets on your website with your brand colors, for visual impact.

Reliable Support

Get answers to your question on our support forum. Premium users get direct access to our development team!

Basic Version

Use PetMatchPro completely FREE – to keep your website visitors on your site, to increase adoptions.

Enjoy ALL The Benefits

Our Preferred Plan gives you everything you need to keep potential adopters on your website

  • It enables them to find the perfect pet for their home.
  • It enables you to gain insights into their selection process, and…
  • It documents their actions as related to your calls to action – to get more animals adopted.
  • It automatically posts your featured and found pets to your Facebook page.

This is our most popular offering, because it does exactly what’s required to find more animals forever homes.

Compare Offerings

If all this tech talk makes your head spin, or if the idea of pulling data from PetPoint or RescueGroups to display on your website is new to you, just click the button below to see a comparison of the Plan features.

We apologize if this is all a bit confusing – but you’re not alone. Your big heart and dedication are all that’s required to easily use the PetMatchPro WordPress plugin.

Get your animals the visibility they deserve. Take a look at what we’ve created for you to get more animals adopted!

Don't Use PetPoint
or RescueGroups?

Tell us which Data Management System you use to manage your shelter or rescue and we'll include your input in our choice for future enhancements to PetMatchPro. Thank you for your help. We hope to see you back soon.

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